26 March 2013

Steps to be Confidence.


Hi, today i want to share something on how to be more confident in life. I know that sometime i am not really confident with myself but i know i really need it soon. So, why not we know something that will benefit us in our future.I copy this article from others. I hope it will help you. InshaAllah :)

1.Perfect Balance
There are certain guidelines to follow in order to achieve total confidence without radiating an iota of arrogance. These should be followed constantly, both at work and play.

2.Care about your appearance
Most people significantly care about how others view them. Although it was stated above that this was a trait of arrogant fools, there's a certain minimum you have to contend with. Dress for the occasion. A well-tailored suit in a power meeting can do wonders for your confidence. Look the part but don't be a bragging pest about it.

3.Smile sincerely
Don't simply flash a "look-at-me, I-make-more-money-than-you-losers," grin; show an earnest smile. Co-workers will regard you as someone who is joyful and pleasant, a person with whom they'd like to be involved with.

4.Show interests in others
Take a moment to ask colleagues about their weekend. The goal is to show them you don't feel superior in any way. It will make them feel important and demonstrate that you care about them. But don't do it as a mere excuse to bless them with your own stories.

5.Stay up-to-date
Stay on top of the events that are shaping the world. A large part of appearing confident is never hesitating. When a subject comes up, you need to be ready to jump in. It helps to have a multitude of interests and hobbies.. At the same time, if you don't know what people are talking about, steer clear of the conversation.

6.Have an opinion

Similarly, make sure you have an opinion on key issues. Confident people aren't easily swept by peer pressure. If your belief isn't the most popular, have the courage of your convictions and stand your ground. Changing your mind at every occasion isn't the mark of a poised guy. Should you fall victim to it, you'll be branded an amateur. It can also come back to haunt you. Imagine two co-workers with whom you've shared two different opinions on the same topic. If they discover you're a shape-shifter, you'll be considered nothing short of opportunistic.

7.Expand your horizons
It may be important to build yourself a life outside of the office. With a well-rounded life, you'll feel much more confident and a lot more inclined to be assertive. Join a bowling league or the Optimists Club, anything that can garner some social interaction.

8.Be smooth with others
There are ways to deal with others to avoid being arrogant. For example, you might not agree with something your boss utters during a meeting. You may need to correct him, but do it without appearing brash. Don't make a point to mock him for his mistake, rather make it clear that you don't agree with him. Remark that you've made the same error before but have since come across new information that forced you to reevaluate your position. It's all in the way you present the situation.

Basically, what matters is that you can appear to be confident. Coolness is a virtual magnet for money, power and women. Everyone wants to hang around people who feel secure and positive. But if you can really be confident then the world will open itself up for you. Not only will you climb the proverbial corporate ladder faster, your relationship skills will be your greatest asset.

Coklat Chips


Hai, nak kongsi apa yg masyie buat harini, yes, seperti title entri tu , dah tahu kan ape yg nak dikongsi bersama. Cara nak buat coklat chips atau dipanggil sebagai coklat cookies, atau chocolate cookies, dan sehubungan dengannya. Senang je nak buat tak susah mana pun. Alang-alang masyie pi kedai haritu nak beli topup so belilah bahan-bahan nak buat coklat chips ni. Masyie punya bahan-bahan ni boleh hasilkan 100 biji coklat chips. Ok let's start with bahan-bahan.

Bahan-bahan :

  1. 1 1/2 cawan tepung gandum
  2. 1  sudu besar serbuk koko
  3. 2 sudu besar tepung jagung (tak ada pun takpe)
  4. 1/2 sudu kecil soda bikarbonate
  5. 2 sudu besar susu tepung
  6. Secubit garam 
  7. 125 gm mentega
  8. 150 gm(1/2 cawan) cawan gula perang
  9. 1/2 sudu kecil asen vanilla
  10. 1 biji  telur
  11. 1/2 cawan coklat chip
  12. 1/2 cawan cornflakes-ramas kasar

Cara nak buat :

  1. Pukul mentega, gula kastor dan esen vanilla hingga kembang.
  2. Masukkan  telur dan pukul rata.
  3. Masukkan bahan-bahan 1-6 dan kemudian kacau hingga sebati dengan spatula atau tangan.
  4. Masukkan coklat chip dan cornflakes yg sudah diramas kasar. Kacau rata.
  5. Sudukan adunan ke atas dulang pembakar. Boleh juga diuli menjadi bebola-bebola kecil dengan menggunakan tangan.  Susun di atas dulang pembakar. 
  6. Bakar pada suhu 150 C selama 155 minit bergantung kepada saiz bebola-bebola adunan anda.
  7. Sejukkan dahulu biskut sebelum disimpan di dalam bekas kedap udara

Haa dah siap, you know what ? More chips, more fun , haha.

Senang je nak buat, sedap pulak tu, macam biskut chips more and sebijik rasa macam famous amous punya biskut. Cuba lah resepi ni , boleh jual jugak dekat kanak-kanak. Mereka pasti menyukainya. Hahaha. Boleh dijadikan jugak kuih raya. Hmm tunggu apa lagi ? Jom buat and kalau boleh kongsi lah gambar korang dekat komen masyie ni. Okayy ^^

New blog?

Assalamualaikum :)

Hai, ini bukan blog baru masyie, but blog lama yg telah di privatekan segala entri yg lalu, masyie harap dpt gagahkan diri jugak untuk berblogging kembali , inshaAllah, akan ku publishkan benda-benda yang bermaklumat dan berinput serta berfaedah. Biarlah entri-entri lalu menjadi kenangan lagi tauladan terhadap diriku. Acewahh. Iyelah mana taknya bila diusha kembali, tah pape je entri aku yg lalu. Maklumlah budak-budak lagi time tu ^^ I hope this is good beginning of my life, insyaAllah, biarlah perkara yg lalu menjadi kenangan serta tauladan buat diri dan semoga masa hadapan kita lebih baik dan cemerlang lagi. Yeahhh, inshaAllah :) Okay, itu saja. Salam.